Camac Service

Camac’s after-sales service is widely recognized as being the best a harp manufacturer can possibly offer, and for us it is also a matter of honour always to provide irreproachable service to our clients. All our pedal harps now enjoy a complete guarantee for ten years, and regulation tours are regularly organised throughout the world.

Each of our harps has been designed to simplify regulation and maintenance. Not only does this make it easier and faster for harp technicians to work on our harps, it also offers harpists a greater degree of independence. For example, you can use our rod tuner to improve the accuracy of your harp’s intonation, between professional regulations.  

Our international technicians

We are proud of our extensive network of certified technicians throughout the world. We warmly recommend the following colleagues for all aspects of sales aftercare (whether your instrument is under guarantee, or not), and regulation and repairs for your Camac harp. Liza Jensen is our technician in charge of the USA.

Liza Jensen 

Peter Wiley

Robert Hohlbauch

Steve Moss

Tomas Bell

Mike Lewis

Ed Galchick

John Pratt

Video guides

Harps are not without their logistical mysteries at the beginning. They have to be tuned, how to move them is not self-evident, strings have to be replaced – and your teacher, or your child’s teacher, cannot do all this for you every time. Our video guides will help you become au fait with all these issues.

String Charts and Technical Manuals

Our string charts help you work out which strings you need to order for your Camac harp. You can also download PDFs of the technical manuals for our pedal, electroacoustic and electric harps.

Pedal harp technical manual

Body harness manuel

Blue harp technical manual

Lever string chart

Electroharp technical manual

Pedal string chart

The brainchild of our partners Virginia Harp Center, Premier harp strings are Camac Classique, with gauges tailored to American specifications. Experience our top-quality gut strings, that may be used on any concert tension harp:

Special Harp Tuner

Harp parent?
Keen beginner? Love all things harp? But…

Tuning is driving you crazy?


If you’re old enough to remember tuning forks, there’s no denying electronic tuners and pickups have changed harpists’ lives. But they still require some mental gymnastics, particularly for young students, parents and beginners, because often the tuner picks up an enharmonic equivalent to the note you’re trying to tune.

SUFFER NO MORE! We have collaborated with Eagletone to make a tuner especially for the harp. What you’ll see on the tuner is the notes you are actually playing. Our attractive tuner is very well-priced, comes with an included pickup, and is available from your nearest Camac distributor.